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2011 Drama-1
The title of work: Sucker
作  者:
Chang, Cheng-Yu
榮  耀:
The winners of multi-media competition for “Discovery of Chu-Lo” Chiayi City in 2011-Second place in Drama
A-ui was expelled and went back to his hometown to live with his grandparents. He wanted to go back to school. But the arguments in his family make him feel vulnerable. His best friend, Jun, joins a new gang after his uncle was put in jail. In order to get out from the control of his uncle’s henchmen. He and his best friend have to get their act together. After leaving home, they face problems dealing with socialization and being an adult. They gradually realize that they can’t fit in and deal with the world as easily as they think.
2011/12/26 上午 12:00:00