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2012 Dram
Alien travels in Chiayi
作  者:
Mr. Zhou Ye
榮  耀:
Honorable Mention, Short film, 2012 Chiayi Film Award
one day, an explorer was travelling around the universe and visited the earth by his aircraft. Fortunately, he landed in Chiayi and pretended human being. He travelled around Chiayi and enjoyed visiting historic spots and local food by his talent for exploration. “It is so wonderful, Chiayi is a good place,” he cried. He decided to make a universal magic door for his friends to visit Chiayi and enjoy the beauty of the city.

Mr. Zhou Ye, student of Graduate program in fine art , National Taiwan University of Arts
Mr. Zhou likes painting since he was a kid. He has published several handmade sketchbooks. For example, Mon’s lunch box, Sketchbook DIY…etc. And he enjoys creating story and animation.
2012/11/20 上午 12:00:00