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2012 Dram
Our Chiayi, Our home
作  者:
Ms. Hsieh Yi Xuan, Mr. Lin Guan Ting
榮  耀:
Honorable Mention, Short film, 2012 Chiayi Film Award
Interpreting Chiayi’s local story through 4 characters in the film.
A girl wearing a backpack and camera visited Chiayi Tower, a travel spot with many sophisticated stories. She was searching for herself through the lens and found her mind through different scene.
A couple walking hand in hand visited Railway Exhibition near Cultural Affairs Bureau in Chiayi. They left their footprints in Chiayi City, and made a pleasant memory.
A young man dreams about playing music band brought a trombone to Peimen Station, and practiced it as usual. He is pursuing his dream in Chiayi City.
Although the 4 characters living in Chiayi have different mood, they all left their footprints in this city.
On the way back, they met each other in Chiayi City. After the train approached the station, they would all start their new lives again.

Two students in different major finished the film which is full of their memories through the camera with friends living in Chiayi.
They like to share their stories with each other and describe their memories through camera lens. Although they haven’t done any great achievement, they believe the ordinary happiness.
2012/11/20 上午 12:00:00