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@@When the former Taiwan Province Government planned "The Art Network of Railway Warehouse" in 1999, Chiayi was considered as ideal one due to the city's position of the capital of art and culture and the positive effort to reconstruct the empty warehouses behind of the rear train station to an alternative exhibition space supported by the former Chiayi city mayor Jhang Bo-Ya and responded by other artists. After the Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse opened, it creates a new art performance space unlike traditional museums and becomes the first activity place comes from railway warehouse in Taiwan.

@@In July 2000, the Council of Cultural AffairsRailway sign photo in Executive Yuan choose 5 candidates and then decided to make the Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse the second member of the Art Network of Railway Warehouse, followed by the Stock 20 in Taichung train station. This achievement is attributed the consistent concentration by the former Chiayi city mayor Chen Li-Jhen and outstanding art presentation of Chiayi city.

@@Bei-Sing Street is the main entrance of the Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse and is used to be called Bei-Gang head of trains. After Taiwan's retrocession, it became the wares transportation center because it had sufficient warehouses. Moreover, it was the point of departure of Alishan Forest Railway and the end of the Taiwan sugar corporation Bei-Gang branch guest trains. Because gathering lots of people, many stores, including restaurants, hardware stores, and jewelry stores alongside the Bei-Sing Street flourished this district. When the importance of transportation by trains and the prosperous street view were both gone by the wind, the lost residents then hid their glorious memory and wait for any miracle in the dark time.


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No. 37-10, Bei-sing intersection, Chiayi City, 600
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