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ˇ@ˇ@1.By vehicle: Visitors can arrive this site by turning in Bo-ai and Bei-sing intersection, then going straight along the side of turkey rice restaurant to the end to the lamb noodles stand. After turning right from the stand, visitors can find the raw of warehouses. The performance spaces in the last section of the warehouses are open in workdays and the front part of the warehouses are prohibited because artists are living there. However, the visitors are welcomed to the artistsˇ¦ studios and see how to creative art works from artists on the last Saturday of every month afternoon from 14:00 to 17:00.

2. By train: After leaving the Rear Station, visitors can turn right and walk straight for 3 minutes and then turn right again to a temple. As crossing that temple, visitor can find the beautiful art site of Chiayi Railway Warehouses

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art network of railway ware

No. 37-10, Bei-sing intersection, Chiayi City, 600
TELˇG886-5-2327477 FAXˇG886-5-2336976