Antique Painting

Gao Zhiming Imitative Work of Hong Kunfu in Fengtian Palace in Xingang

Antique Painting

1. Place high hopes in sons (a custom in Tang Dynasty that male adults should hang dragon lights which is in symbolization of glorifying the family)


2. Place high hopes in daughters


3. melon and vines (a symbolization of ever lasting offspring)


4. prosperity and peace (peony is a symbol of prosperity)

5. ascending in positions


6. lion carrying pumpkin on back (pumpkin is a symbol of lasting offspring, lion is for driving evils)


7. everything goes well


8. keep ascending


9. three “more”, more blessings (finger citron), more offspring(pomegranate), more length of life (peach)


10. children (longan)


11. top the three academic degrees (litchi)


12. lion stamping on a jade (driving evils and be happy)


13. peace elephant


14. lucky elephant, blessings keep coming


15. 祈求(旗,球)(pray)


16. 吉慶(戟,罄)(luck and happiness)(15+16=pray for luck and happiness)


17. dragon and phoenix bring prosperity