Space Arrangement

The space arrangement in this art site includes outdoors and inside. The outdoors are divided to outdoor performance are, recreative art area, and general area.

The space arrangement

Outdoor performance area: It offers the space for activities such as large art works or small performance and it can also combine the inside space. Recreative art are: It’s linked up with operating area and provide some leisure space for visitors. General area: As the art site entrance, the space there is wide enough for parking and large-scale performances.

The space arrangement

Composed by 6 warehouses, the inside area is 2000 square meters and divided to 3 parts: creation area, exhibition loversspace, and operating center. The northern part of the warehouse is planed to become a creating area. There are art workshops (providing art tools and facilities), studios with living space for artist-in-residence, and artists interactive area there. The middle part of the warehouse are exhibition space, which has 305 square meters, and performance space, which occupies 218 square meters to satisfy the moving experimental performances. The southern part of the warehouse is the center of the site, which has the operating and management center, restaurant, recreation center and art service center.

Artists’ studios: reconstructed from the Warehouse No.1 and No.3. There are 3 studios for 3D creations and 6 for other multiple creations respectively. Every studio has 20~30 level grounds, including one bathroom, one restroom, and one bedroom. Otherwise, there are creative workshops provides some large art tools as well as the artists lounge, laundry and kitchen.