Guide of the Cultural Center

Introduction to each room of the library

Division & Room Services
stack room of books on the open shelves, people can apply for a library card to borrow books home.
Offering computers for the public to look up information.
We have “recommendation list”for the public to recommend books that our library doesn't collect, which may be our purchases reference.
children's reading room We have displayed all kinds of children's books, journals, and newspapers for reading in the library, readers can also check out those books.
We have regularly held diverse activities that are suitable for children on weekends.
reference resources room Collecting all kinds of reference book, such as bibliography, index, encyclopedia, dictionary, statistics, etc.
Offering 4 kinds of DVD information
Offering the public to look up information of old newspapers and questions of national examinations.
Newspaper clipping services.
Offering written and phone inquiry services.
Guiding the public to make use of the library information.
journals room Displaying domestic and international important journals as well as offering daily newspapers for the public to read in the library.
Providing copy services.
video & audio room Offering audio & video materials that include cassettes, video tapes, CD, LD, etc., for the public's appreciation.
The public can borrow all audio & video materials with the library card and enjoy those alone or with a friend.
The group broadcasting room has scheduled tape playing at 2p.m. on every Saturdays and Sundays.
general reading room There are 340 sets that are provided here, people can bring their own books to read here.
Division & Room Services
The 1st, 2nd, 3rd exhibition room Offering space with 140 pings, 120 pings, and 40 pings to exhibit art works such as western paintings, water paintings, calligraphy, sculptures, etc.
antiques display room The antiques displaying room is about 60 pings big, which uses open cabinet for displays. The room mainly displays the concrete art works and antiques.
music hall Organizing all kinds of performing art activities, such as music, theater, dancing, traditional drama, folklore techniques, etc.
There are 820 seating at the 1st floor and 289 seating at the 2nd floor as well as 4 handicapped seating, a total of 1,113 seating.
lecture hall There are 200 seating in the lecture hall.
conference room There are 60 seats in the conference room.
The 1st study classroom There are 30 seating in the 1st study classroom.
cultural square In addition to letting our center organize activities, the venue is open to the institutions, associations, or individuals to rent for organizing social or cultural activities.

Application Methods

Application methods of library card: Citizens who are 6-year-old and above (elementary school student) can file for application. Applicants should bring either ID card or census registration booklet and a one-inched photo (the latest 3-month photo) coming to our center or Shixian branch to apply for the library card.
Children under 12-year-old whose parents can bring their ID cards and the census registration booklet of children to apply for the library cards for their children.
The library card is accepted both at our center and the Shixian branch, card holders can't apply for the card repeatedly at either one.
If the library card is lost, card holders should call or come to the library in person to file for loss. Card holders have to bring their ID card or the census registration booklet and one-inched photo (the latest 3-month photo), coming to our center or Shixian branch for new card application.