Introduction to the Cultural Affairs Bureau

The former of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Chiayi City was the Municipal Cultural Center. On July 1, 1992, Shixian library had established that was constructed based on the city reconstruction funds that the west district of the city was allowed to make use of. On February 27, 1993, the library moved to “Shanchi”, where used to be the biggest woods distribution center during the Japanese's ruling periods, for an official opening and operation. February 27 was then set up as the library's anniversary day. The total area of the Cultural Center is 5,375 pings, which was initially established in 1982. Because of the individual governing, the construction had experienced obstacles in the way and was being delayed for a long time. After completion, the principal part of this architecture includes library, museum, and music hall. Among them, the library and museum connects each other, and the areas are about 1,800 pings, while the music hall's area is 1,356 pings. The rest is outdoor square or the public arts activity space.

Beginning December 2, 1999, our bureau had been officially changed into the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Chiayi City. Its administrative organization structure has respectively set up 1 director, 1 deputy director, and 1 secretary, with subordinating units including library information, performing arts, exhibition arts, art & culture promotion, cultural assets, and museum, 6 division & administration office. Besides, there are also other public recreation within the bureau, they are: colored-pottery museum, music hall; Shixian & Huangpin libraries are set up within the garden. These measurements are all open to the public.

The annual routine arts activities include: band music festival, Chinese music festival, choir festival, children drama festival, colored-pottery, Taocheng arts exhibition, decorated arts exhibition, books roving exhibition, as well as pilgrimage to historic monuments. Through working together, we exert ourselves to promote our city becoming an “art city”, inheriting the ancient culture and customs to create a new culture for Chiayi. We anticipate to improve our city's living quality by the way everybody appreciating these performing activities.