Introduction to The Chiayi Municipal Museum

Introduction to The Chiayi Municipal Museum

From nothing to what it is, we particularly thank Mr. Wen-chi Xue's donation of his lifetime collections of 2,005 fossils for the construction of the Chiayi Municipal Museum . In addition to, we also greatly thank Mr. Chungkung Chen who donated more than 2,800 pieces of antiques that were collected by his father, Sir Chenpao Chen.

The Chiayi Municipal Museum is a functional and diverse museum. The main part of the architecture includes one floor at underground and three floors above the ground. The first floor is geology hall and special exhibition area. The second floor is fossils hall and special exhibition areas for colored potteries and stone monkeys. The third floor is fine arts hall, memorial area of Mr. Chenpao Chen and Chiayi Arts Space. The exhibition content covers the three major themes of Chiayi, they are “geology, fossil, and fine arts”; where fully demonstrate the cultural features of natural view and humanity arts of Chiayi city.

The future development of the Chiayi Municipal Museum will focus on educational promotion, which is the extension of school education. The role it plays is as if an assistant teacher of schooling programs, an important spot for outdoor teaching, as well as the lifetime educational place for adults.

The Floor Dispositions of the Chiayi Municipal Museum

The intersection city of Taiwan and the Sun -- The Tropic of Cancer is the very north of the point-blank sunshine on the earth, and Chiayi is located right on the Tropic of Cancer. Let us follow the track of history, walking into the sky, to discover the scientific definition of the Tropic of Cancer, changing as well as climate features.

Legends of Alili Mountain – Crossing through the magnificent Ali Mountain range, it explains the formation process and geologic structure of Taiwan island. It gives introduction about the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan, Western Mountain Range, and the three different geologic districts of Coast Mountain Range.

The howl of the land – Experiencing Meishan earthquake, Chungpu earthquake, Ruili earthquake, 1022 earthquake, etc., Chiayi had been experienced several big earthquakes. It explains the factors of earthquakes, types of faults, as well as each record that has left after a serial of earthquake.

The second floor: fossil hall (special exhibition areas of colored potteries and stone monkey)

The evolution of Chiayi's geology – It mainly exhibits the lifetime collection of citizen, Mr. Wenchi Xui, with over 2,005 pieces of fossils. The collection spot of fossil mainly focuses on Chiayi area. Because of Mr. Wenchi Xui's donation of his fossils collection, the exhibition theme of this area had been settled soon in the process of the museum construction.

Discovery of fossils of Chiayi's sea animals – Through the sea animals that were discovered in Chiayi, people can follow the discovery to explore what underwater creatures that used to live under the sea of Taiwan .

Discover of fossils of Chiayi's land creatures -- Through the land creatures that had been discovered in Chiayi, people can follow the discovery to explore what land living things that used to live in Taiwan island.

Exploring Chiayi treasures – Introducing the major districts where Chiayi fossils had been excavated, as well as features of fossils that were excavated in all other places.

Special exhibition area of colored potteries – The exhibition content mainly cover creation works by the well-known colored pottery artisans in Chiayi districts; it also introduces the history of colored pottery.

Special exhibition area of stone monkeys – Chiayi is the hometown of stone monkey. The “Chiayi Stone Monkeys” that have been meticulously carved by sculpture artists that fully demonstrate the spirit of stone monkey and the locality of Chiayi. It also introduces the three major family and creative artists of stone monkeys.

The third floor: Fine arts hall (memorial area of Chenpao Chen, and Chiayi arts space)

Memorial Area of Chenpao Chen – Chenpao Chen, usually took Chiayi streets as the theme of his painting creations, was the most well-known and the most accomplished painting artist of Taiwan . This area regularly exhibits art works, its major collection exhibition are the 2,800 pieces of memorial antiques of what Chungkug Chen, chairman of Chenpao Chen Culture Foundation, donated.

Chiayi arts space – Chiayi arts space is a special exhibition area, which mainly exhibits works of the contemporary artists. It focuses on theme exhibition, offering the public another recreational exhibition space of arts.