The Band Music Festival of Chiayi City

Normally, people's impression about Chaiyi is a town culture, however, very people aware that the sunshine Chiayi has also been recognized as “the city of band music” in Asia Pacific Area. Continually organizing 12 times of “The Band Music Festival of Chiayi City”, it allows Chiayi establishing its reputation in the international stage, the activity has also become one of the well-known music grand meeting in Taiwan .

By the end of every year, the band music festival of Chiayi City opens bustlingly under citizens' enthusiastic anticipation. The music festival is not only an important stage for all of the band music teams to present their performance in front of the public once a year, it is also a great chance introducing the worldwide famous band music groups to our people.

When the loud and clear brass band instrumental ensembles and wood-wind instruments play together, listens from all over the nation or the world have come to enjoy the moment in our city. The city, situated on the Tropic of Cancer, has suddenly demonstrated a different feature, displaying another melody chapter of lively Taiwan .

Tracing the development history of the band music in Chiayi city, we can track back to 1932 at the time when Japanese ruled Taiwan . People had established the first local wood-winds instruments band at Chiayi senior high school, the band music of Chiayi spread over since then. Half century later, in 1981, following the prosperous economy of Taiwan and information freely flowing, many junior high schools or professional schools started to transfer their original traditional military music bands and drums bands into the band music that play various music and classical music.

After organizing the unprecedented “Music Lovers' Unified Performance of the Band Music” in our country, we have received active responses from the public, which also opened the fountainhead that Chiayi city would organize big-scale activity by the end of in the very beginning of each year. In 1993, the Chiayi Municipal Cultural Center organized “the first Band Music Festival”; 1998 “1997 International Band Music Festival in Chiayi”, and the 7 th Chaiyi Band Music Festival; in 1999 “2000 Asia Band Music Festival in Chiayi”; the 9 th Band Music Festival in 2000; the “2001 International Band Music Festival in Chiayi”, and the “ 2002 International Band Music Festival in Chiayi”, etc. we have already stepped into the 12 th band music festival. Our program of each year has been highly regarded by the public, and the program also makes Chiayi an international spot in terms of the band music. Accumulating more than 10 years of experience and reputation, Chiayi has received the reputation of “the city of Taiwan 's band music”.

The Band Music Festival of Chiayi City

The “2003 the 12 th International Band Music in Chiayi” that kicked off at the end of last year, the event was held from December 26, 2003 to January 4, 2004 . Organized by the Chiayi City Government, it invited outstanding domestic and international band music teams that are from Asia Pacific districts and countries, the performing programs included: interior concert, outdoor concert, band music marathon, band music street performance and fixed spot performance, band music notation exhibition, photography competition of the band music, folklore features, countdown concert, etc. The places of these activities were at the Cultural Center Square of Chiayi, Music Hall, downtown streets, Chungcheng park, gymnasium playground, etc.

In addition to performing in interior and outdoor, street parade (the band music performance on the street) was also another presentation model. All band music teams demonstrated their own unique presentation in the parade, the beautiful and well-trained team matching with sound band music playing, which has made this activity a spotlight to the public. During the 10-day activity, audiences and listeners of the activity ensured to enjoy a great and fulfilled party of music and culture. Coming to Chiayi in every December, you can not only enjoy beautiful music that will have played by the domestic and international well-known band music team, but also can appreciate local traits of Chiayi.

For example, colored pottery museum, Jen-de Chen stone museum, Sunshooting Tower of Chiayi Park, Lantan, folklore customs, etc. Besides, you can appreciate the very unique local features of stone monkeys creation, tasting Chiayi's delicious chicken rice, crackers, etc. We sincerely welcome all of you make Chiayi the leisure spot of your vacation. You surely will enjoy your music and arts trip that allows you to listen, watch, and have much fun.